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Commissioned Products Gallery

Look through a gallery of commissioned products that have each been made to specifically fit a clients specification. Although none of the products in the gallery are for sale it allows you (the client) to see a wider range of my work and may spark some ideas for your own bespoke commissioned piece.

Piccolo Case - This Piccolo case was commissioned to replace a 30+ year old original that had seen better days. The new case had to be very close in size and shape in order to fit the owners carry case. I was able to reuse the original latches, Yamaha metal badge and also the red velvet lining and plastic tray for the Piccolo to sit in. The velvet required cleaning and restoration before it was able to be used in the new case.  This Piccolo case is constructed from a single piece of Jatoba. It features the original red velvet lining on the bottom and a new interior padded lid with colour matched silk. The original silver latches and badge are complimented with new chrome plated box stop hinges. Finished in a satin spray lacquer for a durable long lasting finish 


Ornamental Vase of Roses - This ornamental Vase of Roses was created as a birthday present. The Vase itself is turned from a solid piece of English Oak, finished in traditional shellac polish and waxed to shine. The Rose Flowers were created using wood shavings and nothing else. A very sharp hand plane was set to take as thick of a shaving as was possible. These shavings where then cut into various sized petal shapes. Each petal was then shaped and glued together working from the inside out to create the effect of a rose. The stems where simply dowels that were steam bent to give a slight curve and accented with leaves made from Ash that have also been shaped using steam. They where then given several coats of satin spray lacquer before being arranged in the Vase. 

Dovetailed Picture Boxes - These Picture Boxes were designed to specifically fit a clients brief and made to display watercolour sketchbooks. The client wanted the sketchbooks to be displayed like a picture framed on a wall yet have easy access to the books so as to be able to turn the pages and display different paintings. This required the boxes to have a hinged glass door.  ​ Each box was made from European Walnut and English Ash. The outer frame for each box was constructed from Walnut and dovetailed at each corner. The backboard, which also acted like a mount for the sketchbooks, was made from 2 pieces of crown cut English Ash, book-matched together. The grain on this particular board was beautiful due to it being the center board of that tree. The sketchbooks sat on an elegant shelf and the pages held open using brass piano arms. The doors where hung on polished brass box hinges and held shut with magnets sunk into the timber. Each box was finished in a satin oil.