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Alex Sprowell

Furniture Maker, Designer and Restorer.

For as long as I can remember, I have been building things, trying to repair objects and constantly pushing my own abilities of what I can create. I knew from an early age that an office job was never going to be for me. I thrive in a creative profession that presents me with different challenges each day. I have always striven for perfection, obsess over detail and been captivated by aesthetics.

I aim to create pieces with distinct focus towards appearance whilst keeping a consistent eye on quality. The function of a design is always paramount, but each component is meticulously designed with acute attention to detail, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant. Each piece is designed to draw attention whilst still sitting elegantly within a room.

My Journey

When I left school I qualified as a carpenter and having worked at improving this trade for 4 years, at the age of 21, I made the decision to focus my obsession for detail towards my love of furniture and interior design. I moved, from my home in Plymouth, to East Sussex. Trained by John Lloyd at his Fine Furniture School in Burgess Hill, I gained a huge depth of skills and knowledge in furniture making, design, restoration and everything in between. After completing my training in Sussex I decided to move back home to Plymouth where I embarked upon setting up A.C.Sprowell Furniture in the garage of my home address.


The focus of my business is to provide customers with a wide range of services from making unique, bespoke pieces to restoring antique possessions. As my business continues to grow, so does my skill set and experience. I am always learning and striving to increase the knowledge I have in order to wider the range of services I, as a business, can offer.

In October of 2022 I undertook some restoration work for the owner of Shilstone House in Modbury, Sebastian Fenwick. The completion of this restoration work led on to talks with him in regards to the possible re-location of my workshop, plans of further opening up the Shilstone estate to the public and having a range of different trades and craftspeople onsite. In December 2022 I moved A.C.Sprowell Furniture into a converted barn within the grounds at Shilstone and continue to operate as a sole trader whilst being able to undertake varied restoration work for Shilstone.

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