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How to place an order for an Alpine Bird House

I build these bird houses on commission, so if you are interested in having an Alpine Bird House made please use the contact me section of the website to get in touch. A brief outline of the kind of design you wish to be commissioned is a good place to start. Please use the pictures above as a reference and I will be happy to discus design options with you to create a bespoke and unique bird house tailored to your specifications. 

Birdhouse pictured above is available for sale at £595.00. Constructed in pine with Sapele accents.

Alpine Bird House

£595.00 (Pictured)


*Bird houses made on commission will vary in price depending on design.

Product Info


Perhaps the most eye-catching bird house you are likely to come across. Inspired by beautiful traditional Austrian houses, this influence is very apparent throughout the aesthetics of this bird house. An Alpine Bird House is perfect for any bird lover as it allows them to have a safe place for birds to feed alongside being a beautiful addition to a garden.


This bird house doubles as a bird table with ample room inside for small birds to come and go, feeding as they please. A removable metal food tray at the rear of the house can be fitted and allows for easy food loading and cleaning. Windows and doors are big enough to allow small birds such as Robins and Blue Tit's to enter the house and feed, but are too small for bigger birds.

Finished in a water resistant yacht grade gloss varnish.

Size will vary on customer specification. Average height from floor to table is 5ft. 

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