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Pet Plaques

Using a pre-cut "rustic" wooden plaque and a carefully chosen picture of your pet, I can create a sentimental and personalised pet plaque. 

Each plaque will consist of at least 1 portrait picture and the pets name, or other personalised text. Please see the information and price listing below for options.

Standard plaque - 1 pet portrait and name / personalised text.

Double Plaque - 2 pet portraits on the same plaque and pet names.

Standard plaque x1     - £45.00

Standard plaque x2    - £80.00

Double Plaque             - £70.00

Please use the 'Contact Me' section of the website to get in touch to request your own personalised pet plaque. From this I will then communicate with you regarding what kind of pictures work best for burning and the kind of font style you wish to be used.

20201023_110215 (1).jpg

Standard plaque Example - £45.00

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