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This is not an official product or merchandise linked to The Snowman.™ I have based the above ornament's appearance upon the illustration by Raymond Briggs and is not directly copied. I do not own any copyright to The Snowman™ and this product, is as such not marketed under that pseudonym.

The Classic Snowman


Product Info

Based on Raymond Briggs's 'The Snowman' this ornamental product is turned on the lathe and decorated by hand. This quirky Snowman captured the hearts of the nation and children across the world in the early 80's with his friendly demeanor and welcoming smile. I have tried to encapsulate and recreate these characteristics in wood even down to the patination on his bucket hat.

Constructed in Maple, finished with traditional shellac and waxed to shine. 

Placing an order

Please CLICK HERE to use the "Contact Me" section of the website. In your message please include the product name and your chosen timber and I will be in touch shortly. 

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