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Woodland Animal Coasters

Set of 6 (Pictured left) - £60.00

Set of 4 (Pictured left) - £35.00

Product Info

Perfect for the animal lover in your life, these Woodland Animal Coasters make a great little addition to any living space. Using English Ash, each animal is drawn and burnt on by hand.


Four foam pads have been applied to the underside of each coaster to avoid any unwanted surface scratches on your table. They are finished with a base coat of satin oil and three top coats of a polyurethane satin lacquer to protect against hot mugs and water spillages. 

Diameter:  100mm

Placing an order

Please CLICK HERE to use the "Contact Me" section of the website. In your message please include the product name and your chosen timber and I will be in touch shortly. 

*Specific combinations of coasters can be made upon request. Please use the comments section of the order form.

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